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work, and I am very happy to be able to make use of the results. Nebula catalogs have long been a major problem for Guide; the Nebula Databank and isophotes created by Eric-Sven Vesting have almost completely reversed this bad situation, allowing Guide to provide accurate information (and shapes) for all major nebulae and most minor ones. This tends to be very time-consuming labor, and a lot of hours were expended to check and cross-reference catalogs, and in extracting nebula isophotes from RealSky data. The Nebula Databank and isophote data are copyrighted by Eric-Sven Vesting, and are used in Guide by permission. The asteroid data came from the Lowell Observatory ASTORB database, computed by Dr Edward Bowell. This represents a significant improvement over most past sources of asteroid data; in particular, the fact that it provides an indication of the precision of the orbit is most helpful. The research and computing needed to generate these data was funded principally by NASA grant NAGW-1470, and in part by the Lowell Observatory endowment. Thanks go to the Minor Planet Center, especially to Gareth Williams, for providing the MPCORB asteroid database (see page 60) and the files used to patch in updated comet and asteroid elements (see page 61): Many of the mathematically intensive operations such as calculation of planetary and satellite positions and magnitudes, precession, and many related problems were solved using the methods in Jean Meeus' "Astronomical Algorithms" (Willman-Bell, 1991). If you are interested in the mathematical methods of astronomy, this book is a must. Information on this and other books used in creating Guide is at: Special thanks go to the translators for the various foreign- language versions of Guide: Eric-Sven Vesting (German), Jean-Noel Moreau (French), Alberto Romero (Spanish), Giuliano Pinto (Italian), Guus Gilein and Siebren Klein (Dutch), Masaki Kouda (Japanese), Alexander Anikeev (Russian), Jan Manek (Czech), David Wu (Chinese), Jozsef Lengyel (Hungarian), and Marcin Siekierko (Polish). These people are all native-speaking astronomy enthusiasts, exactly the right people to do this sort of technical translations. These versions have been immensely helpful in making Guide easier for most of the world to use. Most of the improvements incorporated since versions 1.0 through the present version were suggested by users on the response forms. Thanks go to all who took the time to indicate what was useful, what would be useful, and what was really a bad idea.
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