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The "Ticks, Grids, Etc." option (page 26) provides controls over all the markings used to illustrate measurements and coordinate systems: grids, ticks, hatches, the Telrad sight, aperture circle, and so on. In the "Screen Font" or "Printer Font" options you may choose a new font for the device you selected. Usually, when Guide draws a chart on the screen, everything is erased and then stars, overlays, text, and objects in the window are drawn. You see the whole process as it happens. This is the default method, where things are drawn "directly to the screen". The "Direct to screen" lets you turn this option off. In that case, Guide first draws the chart in memory and, when it is ready, displays it on the monitor. On some video cards this may be faster than the default mode, and it is almost essential in some animation modes. Also, some people just prefer not to see the process of the chart being created. It may be best just to try it and draw your own conclusions. In the Backgrounds option (page 28) you may switch from the default "white stars on black" to "black stars on white"; to a "red mode" for use at the telescope; and control the display of objects (ground, trees, houses, mountains) on the horizon. Guide shows the Milky Way in shades of gray at wide fields of view, and switches to showing individual nebulae at narrower fields of view. If these objects annoy you, toggle Isophotes to turn them off. 7a: The Star Display menu The Star Display menu controls how stars are labelled and displayed. You can reach it from the Display menu or by clicking on the magnitude key in the legend area (the part showing what star size corresponds to which magnitude). In all cases, the dialog will contain these options: Limiting magnitude: Color Stars Outline Stars Mag Range 10 Min Star Size 0.5 Max Star Size 30 Common Names Off Bayer Auto Flamsteed Auto SAO Numbers Off PPM Numbers Off GSC Numbers Off HD Numbers Off HIP Numbers Off Yale Numbers Off
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