Guide 7.0 and 8.0 setup fix for Vista and later Windows

I've had some reports of trouble in installing Guide (all versions except Guide 9.0) in Vista and later flavors of Windows. The "usual" method of running the setup.exe file from the disk is failing. To get around this, I've written a new setup program.

You can click here to download the new Setup program (about 167 KBytes), named setup32.exe. Put the Guide CD into the CD-ROM drive, and run setup32.exe. It should locate the CD and show you a dialog in which you select the language and path in which Guide is to be installed.

Click OK, and there will be a brief pause as files are copied over; you'll see a "Guide is now installed" message, and a shortcut will appear on your desktop.

Please let me know if you find problems with this. It's now been used quite a bit, though, and it's been some time since any bugs were reported. But if you do find something, I'd like to know about it, so I'll have some chance of figuring it out and fixing it.

I've tried this new setup with Guide 7 and 8. It will probably work for earlier versions as well. (Whether earlier versions will work in Vista or Win7/8/10 is another question. Guides 6 and earlier were 16-bit programs, and it looks as if support for 16-bit software is absent in Vista and later Windows... at least in 64-bit Windows; i.e., 64-bit Windows won't run 16-bit Guide. I doubt there is a way around that problem. If you're using Guide 6 or earlier, the best I can suggest is upgrading to Guide 9.)

Important tips for running Guide in Vista or later Windows: A couple of users are reporting that when Guide starts up, it doesn't show a chart. Then you hit Enter, or zoom in or out, or do anything else that would normally cause the chart to be redrawn, and you're back on track. The currently-posted update to Guide 8.0 has a fix for this; you can click here for the current Guide 8.0 software.

One person using Guide and Vista mentioned on the Guide user list that he had to set Guide (and some other programs) to run in "XP Compatibility mode". To do this, he opened up Explorer, located the Guide directory, right-clicked on 'guide8.exe', then on 'Properties' and 'Compatibility', and checked the WinXP box. Sounds as if this may be a generally useful tip in dealing with Vista and Win7.

Another suggestion on the Guide user list was that one right-click on the Guide icon, select "Properties", then "Compatibility" and "Disable Visual Themes." Then, when Guide is started, all will work correctly. Among other things, this corrects an oddity in Guide's toolbar: the buttons were being shown at twice their proper spacing.