Redaction of NEOCP observations

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The Minor Planet Center requests that observational data provided on the Near-Earth Object Confirmation Page (NEOCP) not be re-distributed. Eventually, if the object is confirmed and receives an official designation, the data is released and can be distributed, providing that proper credit is given to MPC and the observers. But until then, as NEOCP itself says,

...observations and orbits of objects accessible via [NEOCP] are made available only for your personal use. They are not to be promulgated via any medium.

Therefore, NEOCP data in pseudo-MPECs is shown "redacted" : the observation time, position, and magnitude are overwritten with pseudo-random characters and then masked with a black bar. You can look on NEOCP itself and get the data, if the object is still there.

The actual data is usually available on NEOCP, until that object is either MPECed or removed. Some observers want any observations they make of artificial objects to be redacted. I've yet to encounter an observer who objected to data for natural objects being posted on pseudo-MPECs. But I assume MPC has (or did) encounter somebody who just flat-out didn't want their observations to be re-distributed. And it's not a difficult request to honor.

Some observers have kindly given permission for their observations to be shown unredacted. So you will see some NEOCP data redacted, and other data not redacted.

If you're an observer who would like your observations to appear unredacted, please e-mail me at p‮ôç.ötulpťcéjôřp@otúl‬m (after removing the diacritical marks added to confuse spambots.)