List of MPC stations

Last updated 2011 Nov 1

Note that the MPC has now created its own list of MPC station Web sites, which appears to be quite comprehensive and which may make this list obsolete. In general, you should probably look at the MPC's list first, then look here.

The following list came originally from the Starkenburg-Sternwarte list of MPC observatory codes, with a dozen or so from a list at Ageo Observatory. Many links have been added since then, either stumbled across during Internet searches or submitted by helpful citizens. The list was compiled to provide a source of links for the "pseudo-MPEC" function in the Find_Orb program.

The MPC's list of observatories gives the three-character observatory codes, longitudes, and parallax constants. You can click here for a list of MPC stations with latitudes and altitudes above sea level. The latitudes and altitudes are derived from the parallax constants. Be warned that some of the altitudes are of dubious character. They are derived correctly from the parallax constants, but these are usually given to five decimal places, meaning a precision of about 60 meters.

There are assorted other links (and data about observatories) here and here. Also, this Wikipedia page is a good reference, adding names of countries and diacritical marks.

Should you have additions or corrections to this list, please e-mail me at "plútø åt gwî dõt ñët" (without diacritical marks, of course!).

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000 Greenwich
004 Toulouse
005 Meudon
007 Paris
010 Caussols
013 Leiden
017 Hoher List
020 Nice
021 Karlsruhe
022 Pino Torinese
023 Wiesbaden
024 Heidelberg-Königsstuhl
029 Hamburg-Bergedorf
031 Sonneberg
032 Jena
033 Karl Schwarzschild Observatory, Tautenburg
039 Lund
040 Lohrmann Institute, Dresden
042 Potsdam
043 Asiago Astrophysical Observatory, Padua
045 Vienna (since 1879)
046 Kleť Observatory, Ceske Budejovice
048 Hradec Kralove
049 Uppsala-Kvistaberg
053 Konkoly Observatory, Budapest (since 1934)
075 Tartu
090 Mainz
095 Crimea-Nauchnij
104 San Marcello Pistoiese
106 Črni Vrh
107 Cavezzo
108 Montelupo
112 Pleiade Observatory, Verona
113 Drebach
118 Modra
120 Visnjan
121 Chuguevskaya Station
126 Monte Viseggi
130 Lumezzane
133 Les Tardieux
134 Großschwabhausen
143 Gnosca
151 Eschenberg Observatory, Winterthur
153 Stuttgart-Hoffeld
156 Catania Astrophysical Observatory
157 Frasso Sabino
163 Roeser Observatory, Luxembourg
165 Piera Observatory, Barcelona
166 Upice
167 Bülach Observatory
170 Observatorio de Begues
174 Nyrola Observatory, Jyvaskyla
176 Observatori Astronomic de Consell
185 Observatoire astronomique jurassien
195 Untermenzing Observatory, Munich
198 Wildberg
201 Jonathan B. Postel Observatory
204 Schiaparelli Observatory
206 Hågår Observatory, Eina
213 Observatorio Montcabre
215 Buchloe
224 Ottmarsheim Observatory
230 Mt. Wendelstein Observatory
232 Masquefa Observatory
235 CAST Observatory, Talmassons
246 Klet Observatory-KLENOT
249 SOHO
250 Arecibo
250 Hubble Space Telescope
294 Astrophysical Obs., College of Staten Island
298 Van Vleck Observatory
300 Bisei Spaceguard Center-BATTeRS
304 Las Campanas Observatory
309 Cerro Paranal
322 Perth Observatory, Bickley-MCT
323 Perth Observatory, Bickley
327 Peking Observatory, Xinglong Station
333 Desert Eagle Observatory
340 Toyonaka
342 Mitoko Astronomical Observatory
344 Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory
347 Utsunomiya-Imaizumi
349 Ageo
351 Kitamura Astronomical Observatory
355 Hadano
360 Kuma Kogen
366 Miyasaka Observatory
369 Chichibu
372 Geisei
402 Dynic Astronomical Observatory
413 Siding Spring Observatory
422 Loomberah
427 Stockport
433 Bagnall Beach Observatory
444 Star Cruiser Observatory, OCA-Anza
445 Observatori d'Ontinyent
448 Desert Moon
456 Daventry Observatory
458 Guadarrama Observatory
461 Szeged University, Piszkesteto Stn. (Konkoly)
467 Auckland Observatory
468 Campo Catino
470 Ceccano
473 Remanzacco
474 Mount John Observatory, Lake Tekapo
476 Grange Observatory, Bussoleno
482 St. Andrews
491 Centro Astronomico de Yebes
493 Calar Alto
494 Stakenbridge
504 Le Creusot
510 Siegen
511 Haute Provence
515 Volkssternwarte Dhaun, near Kirn
517 Geneva
521 Bamberg
528 Göttingen
532 Munich
535 Palermo
536 Berlin-Babelsberg
540 Linz
544 Wilhelm Foerster Observatory, Berlin
549 Uppsala
552 Osservatorio San Vittore, Bologna
557 Ondřejov
558 Warsaw
559 Serra La Nave
560 Madonna di Dossobuono
561 Piszkesteto Stn. (Konkoly)
562 Figl Observatory, Vienna
565 Bassano Bresciano
566 Haleakala-NEAT / GEODSS
568 Mauna Kea
569 Helsinki
575 La Chaux-de-Fonds
580 Graz
582 Orwell Park
586 Pic du Midi
587 Sormano
589 Santa Lucia di Stroncone
592 Solingen
595 Farra d'Isonzo
596 Colleverde di Guidonia
598 Loiano
599 Astronomical Observatory, Campo Imperatore
602 Urania Observatory, Vienna
603 Bothkamp
604 Archenhold Observatory, Berlin-Treptow
608 Haleakala-AMOS
609 Polino
610 Pianoro
611 Starkenburg
615 St. Veran
616 Brno
619 Sabadell
620 Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca
628 Mülheim-Ruhr
629 JATE Observatory, Szeged
632 San Polo A Mosciano
635 Pergignan
636 Essen
638 Detmold
642 Oak Bay, Victoria
643 OCA-Anza Observatory
644 Palomar Mountain (NEAT)
645 Apache Point -- Sloan Digital Sky Survey
649 Powell Observatory, Louisburg
651 Grasslands Observatory, Tucson
652 Rock Finder Observatory, Calgary
653 Torus Observatory
657 Victoria
658 Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
660 Leuschner Observatory, Berkeley
661 Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Priddis
663 Red Mountain Observatory
664 Manastash Ridge Observatory
670 Camarillo
671 Stony Ridge
672 Mount Wilson
673 Table Mountain Observatory, Wrightwood
675 Palomar Mountain
676 San Clemente
679 San Pedro Martir
683 Goodricke-Pigott Observatory, Tucson
686 U. of Minn. Infrared Obs., Mt. Lemmon
688 Lowell Observatory, Anderson Mesa Station
689 U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff
690 Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
691 Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak - Spacewatch
692 Steward Observatory, Tucson
694 Tumamoc Hill, Tucson
695 Kitt Peak
696 Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins
698 Mt. Bigelow
699 Lowell Observatory - LONEOS
701 Junk Bond Observatory, Sierra Vista
703 Catalina Sky Survey - CSS
704 Lincoln Observatory ETS, New Mexico - LINEAR
705 Apache Point
708 Chamberlin Observatory, Denver
711 McDonald Observatory, Fort Davis
713 Thornton
715 Las Cruces
716 Palmer Divide Observatory, Colorado Springs
718 Univ. of Utah Hansen Planetarium, Tooele
719 Etscorn Observatory
729 Glenlea Astronomical Observatory, Winnipeg
732 Oaxaca
734 Farpoint Observatory, Eskridge
735 George Observatory, Needville
738 Observatory of the State University of Missouri
739 Sunflower Observatory, Olathe
740 SFA Observatory, Nacogdoches
747 Baton Rouge Observatory
750 Hobbs Observatory, Fall Creek
752 Puckett Observatory, Mountain Town
753 Washburn Observatory, Madison
758 BCC Observatory, Cocoa
760 Goethe Link Observatory, Brooklyn
761 Zephyrhills
765 Cincinnati
766 Michigan State University Obs., East Lansing
768 Dearborn
769 McMillin Observatory, Columbus
774 Warner and Swasey Nassau Station, Chardon
776 Foggy Bottom, Hamilton
778 Allegheny Observatory, Pittsburgh
779 David Dunlap Observatory, Richmond Hill
780 Leander McCormick Observatory, Charlottesville
784 Stull Observatory, Alfred University
785 Princeton
786 U.S. Naval Obs., Washington (since 1893)
787 U.S. Naval Obs., Washington (before 1893)
791 Flower and Cook Observatory, Philadelphia
794 Vassar College Observatory, Poughkeepsie
796 Stamford
801 Oak Ridge Observatory
802 Harvard Observatory, Cambridge
807 Cerro Tololo Observatory, La Serena
808 El Leoncito (Félix Aguilar Observatory)
809 European Southern Observatory, La Silla
810 Wallace Observatory, Westford
814 North Scituate
823 Fitchburg
825 Granville
828 Assonet
829 Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito
831 Rosemary Hill Observatory, University of Florida
837 Jupiter
838 Dayton
839 La Plata
840 Flint
842 Gettysburg College Observatory
844 Los Molinos
846 Principia Astronomical Observatory, Elsah
848 Tenagra Observatory, Cottage Grove
849 Everstar Observatory, Olathe
850 Cordell-Lorenz Observatory, Sewanee
854 Sabino Canyon Observatory, Tucson
859 Wykrota Observatory-CEAMIG
860 Valinhos
861 Barão Geraldo
864 Kumamoto
867 Saji Observatory
872 Tokushima
880 Rio de Janeiro
893 Sendai Municipal Observatory
897 YGCO Chiyoda Station
907 Melbourne
908 Toyama
910 Caussols - ODAS
911 Collins Observatory, Corning Community College
913 Observatorio Kappa Crucis, Montevideo
916 Oakley Observatory, Terre Haute
918 Badlands Observatory, Quinn
926 Tenagra II
929 Blackberry Observatory, Port Allen
930 Tahiti
931 Punaauia
932 John J. McCarthy Obs., New Milford
933 Rockland Observatory, Sierra Vista
939 Observatorio Rodeno
941 Observatorio Pla d'Arguines
945 Observatorio Monte Deva
946 Ametlla de Mar
950 La Palma
952 Marxuquera
954 Teide Observatory
956 Observatorio Pozuelo
961 City Observatory, Edinburgh
965 Observacao Astronomica no Algarve - COAA
971 Lisbon
981 Armagh
982 Dunsink Observatory, Dublin
987 Isle of Man Observatory
988 Glasgow
990 Madrid
995 Durham
996 Oxford
998 London-Mill Hill
999 Bordeaux-Floirac
A06 Mataró Observatory
A13 Observatoire Naef, Marly
A16 Tentlingen
A17 Guidestar Observatory, Weinheim
A18 Herne
A21 Irmtraut
A23 Weinheim
A24 New Millennium Observatory, Italy
A28 Kempten
A33 Sternwarte Kirchheim
A34 Grosshabersdorf
A37 Müggelheim
A38 Campo Catino Automated Telescope
A41 Rezman Observatory, Kamnik
A43 Inastars Observatory, Potsdam
A44 Altschwendter Kleine Planeten
A46 Lelekovice
A50 Andrushivka Astronomical Observatory
A65 Le Couvent de Lentin
A70 Lumijoki
A72 Radebeul Observatory
A74 Bergen-Enkheim Observatory
A77 Observatoire Chante-Perdrix
A78 Lindenberg
A83 Jakokoski Observatory
A87 Rimbach
A97 Stammersdorf
A99 Osservatorio del Monte Baldo
B00 Savigny-le-Temple
B04 OAVdA, Saint-Barthelemy
B09 Capannoli
B12 Koschny Observatory, Noordwijkerhout
B15 Inastars Observatory, Potsdam (since 2006)
B18 Terskol
B21 Gaisberg Observatory
B32 Gelenau
B34 Green Island Observatory, Cyprus
B35 Bareket Observatory, Macabim
B40 Skylive Observatory, Catania
B38 Santa Mama
B50 Corner Observatory, Durmersheim
B67 Sternwarte Mirasteilas, Falera
B82 Maidbronn
D25 Tzec Maun Observatory
D35 Lulin Observatory
D82 Wallaroo
D87 Brooklyn Park
D90 RAS Observatory, Moorook
E10 Siding Spring-Faulkes Telescope South
E12 Siding Spring Survey
E14 Ngunnawal
E15 Magellan Observatory, near Goulburn
E16 Grove Creek Observatory, Trunkey
E18 BDI Observatory, Regents Park
E94 Gisborne (Possum Observatory)
F65 Haleakala-Faulkes Telescope North
G58 Chabot Observatory
G70 Francisquito Observatory, Los Angeles
G71 Rancho Palos Verdes
G73 Mount Wilson-TIE
G88 LAMP Observatory, New River
G90 Three Buttes Observatory
G61 Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins--2MASS
G96 Mt. Lemmon Survey
H01 Magdalena Ridge Observatory, Socorro
H03 Sandia View Observatory
H05 Edmund Kline Observatory, Deer Trail
H06 RAS Observatory, Mayhill
H13 Lenomiya Observatory, Casa Grande
H26 Doc Greiner Research Observatory, Janesville
H30 University of Oklahoma Observatory, Norman
H34 Chapel Hill
H41 Petit Jean Mountain
H43 Conway
H44 Cascade Mtn. Observatory
H47 Vicksburg
H49 Arkansas Tech University Observatory
H51 Greiner Research Observatory, Verona
H55 Astronomical Research Observatory, Charleston
H59 Camp Cullom (Prairie Grass Observatory)
H68 Red Barn Observatory, Ty Ty
H72 Evelyn L. Egan Observatory, Fort Myers
H77 Buehler Observatory
H89 Galaxy Blues Observatory
H92 Arcturus Observatory
I08 Alianza S4, Cerro Burek
I15 Wishing Star Observatory, Barrington
I30 Observatorio Geminis Austral
I31 Observatorio Astronomico del Colegio Cristo Rey
I32 Beta Orionis Observatory
I77 CEAMIG-REA Observatory, Belo Horizonte
J13 La Palma-Liverpool Telescope
J27 El Guijo Observatory
J44 Iturrieta Observatory, Spain
J47 Observatorio Nazaret, Spain
J51 Atlante Observatory, Canary Islands
J54 Bradford Robotic Telescope
J69 North Observatory
J75 OAM Observatory, La Sagra
J76 La Murta
J79 Observatorio Calarreona, Aguilas
J87 La Cañada
J89 Tres Cantos Observatory
J93 Mount Tuffley Observatory, Gloucester
J94 Abbeydale
J95 Great Shefford
J98 Observatorio Manises