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Blair, Grant Aug 11, 2014

Downloaded, verified and looks great!

Thanks, Bill.

Kind Regards/Viele Grüße,

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Hi Ben,

I got the same problem. Grant's comment about it working Just Fine in
the previous version helped; I didn't have quite as much checking to do,
found the bug quickly, and have fixed it. If you go back to

and re-download the '' file ('' file for those
still on Guide 8), and install it, you should be all set.

I've not changed the date on the above Web page; it'll still say it's
from April. Help... About Guide, however, will tell you it's the
2014 August 11 version.

This also fixes the problem with finding stars beginning with 'A',
and will give more intelligent error messages if files can't be accessed.
That is, instead of just saying "can't open file XYZ", it will say
"can't open file XYZ: don't have permissions", or "file not found",
or "file is read-only", etc. (A feature I'm kicking myself for not
having had in Guide 1.0. It would have saved me, and users, a _lot_
of time over the years.)

-- Bill

On 08/11/2014 02:35 PM, Ben Hudgens bhudg3079@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently came across a problem with animation dialog. Animation works
> at it should except when you try to put in a 'custom' time interval.
> Click on the large button displaying the interval and Guide crashes.
> This is happening on both my Win 7 and on a XP system. I am using the
> current version 9.0 dated May 16, 2014
> Anyone else seeing this problem?
> Ben Hudgens
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