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Blair, Grant Aug 11, 2014

Ah. I see.


Well, I just tried it – I have Win7 x64 and the June 17,2013 version of Guide9. Mine does NOT crash. I tried 3 min, I tried 3 days, 17.24 hours (rotation period of Uranus), etc. No crashes.


Guess I should try the newer patches? I was kind of holding off unless there was a good reason….

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In the animation dialog window,  the button that shows 'what the time interval is set for' is what you click on.   That is supposed to allow you to enter whatever interval you want such as..... 17 minutes, 65 years, 2,000 years, etc.   

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I’ve never heard of the custom time interval feature for animations. I looked on the ProjectPluto website and couldn’t find anything about it via Search, either.


If you can tell me how to set it up, I’ll happily give it a try!

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Recently came across a problem with animation dialog. Animation works
at it should except when you try to put in a 'custom' time interval.
Click on the large button displaying the interval and Guide crashes.
This is happening on both my Win 7 and on a XP system. I am using the
current version 9.0 dated May 16, 2014

Anyone else seeing this problem?
Ben Hudgens