Guide on WIN 7: tooltips problem

chasseurdesgalaxies Aug 9, 2014


since a few weeks, I have the problem that the tooltips (over the icons, not the explanations in the header of the Guide program) only show up as points (like this ".... ...").
Strangely enough this only happens on my WIN 7 machine.  I have Guide also installed on a MACbook Pro laptop (this time with WIN 98 on Virtualbox), ... and there it works fine.
I copied over the toolbar.dat file from the Guide in the WIN 98 machine to the WIn 7 machine: ... same problem. [I even installed Virtual PC on my WIN 7 machine, to run the WIN 98 virtual CD on my machine with WIN 7 installed. In this case (WIN 98 VM on the machine with WIN 7), the tooltips just work fine].

Very strange ! I tried a lot of things. I reduced for instance the screen font size, because I had a doubt that the points were only parts of letters. But no ! Same for the size of the font in the tooltips.dat files (original and language).

Does anyone has an idea ?