Re: [guide-user] Goto Named Stars 'bug'?

P. Clay Sherrod Aug 3, 2014

Hi Ben....
Not seeing what you are describing. Are you going to the TAB "GO TO" and then
selecting Star/Common Name, which brings up the complete list of bright stars?
Clicking on all of the "A" designations clearly comes up with the star centered on my
charts here.

Sounds like you might be missing a file in your program file.

Dr. Clay

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Subject: [guide-user] Goto Named Stars 'bug'?

> I'm using the current version of Guide 9 and recently found what may be
> a bug or possible corrupt file.
> When using Goto, 1st choice(object name), enter a bright star name,
> anything starting with "A" results with an error "not a valid object".
> I've tried dozens of named stars and goto works with any of them except
> those like Altair, Aldebaran, Arcturus, etc.
> Anyone else seeing this problem?
> Ben Hudgens
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