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Blair, Grant Jul 23, 2014

Hi Tony,


I didn’t think there were any additional files installed elsewhere that were specific to Guide….however, I retained the same directory specification when copying across systems – it’s possible (likely, even) there are absolute paths stored in one or more of the configuration files? My path went from C:\GUIDE9 to C:\GUIDE9 – didn’t change.

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Are there any issues with copying a folder across machines like this?  I was having some errors pop up when running Guide on a Win 7 laptop (something about not finding the .nam file) so I copied my entire Guide 9 folder from another Win 7 laptop (where it is working fine) onto a flash drive and put it onto the trouble machine after deleting the troubled one.  Guide now works fine, but it looks completely different.  It looks like it has never been run – star settings, displayed objects, constellation lines, Flamsted star numbers, FOV indicators, etc. are all set different.  I expected to see the same settings I had on the original machine wherever I left off last time I ran Guide there. 


Are there additional files somewhere other than the Guide folder where personal settings are kept (registry, user folder, etc.)?  It would be really nice to have the same settings on both machines without having to set them all manually.






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I’m not sure if this is a help, or not, but when I migrated Guide 9.0 from my WinXP system to my Win7x64 system, I just copied the Guide folder tree – everything worked just fine afterward.

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Subject: [guide-user] Guide 9 and Win7



I just replaced an XP computer with one runnning Win7 (64bit), and I'm finding some problems with Guide 9.  I installed Guide 9 into C:\My Programs\x86\.

Problem #1, can't modify toolbar:

I can click in the dialog box to add and subtract various options for the toolbar in the "settings" menu item.  The asterisks appear and disappear next to the items to be modified when I click "on" and "off". Everything seems to be working in the familiar way.  I click "OK" and return to the chart display.  Nothing has changed in the toolbar.  All the default settings are there and none of the changes. 

(I'm also seeing the spacing difference in spacing of the toolbar items mentioned on the ProjectPluto website.

Problem #2:  can't save "marks":

I go through the usual procedure to create and save a "mark".  But when I go back later to load the mark I created it's not on the list of marks.  Only the default marks are listed.

I've done all this successfully many times in previous version of Guide going back to Guide 3.  Also, I don't remember having any problems with these tasks in Guide 9 running under XP.

Has anyone else seen these problems when using Win7-64.