Re: [guide-user] Missing comet

ldjhandm Jul 16, 2014

Well, the plot thickens!  Although I have checked this problem thoroughly I can find no reason for non-recognition of the comet on my main laptop.  I checked my observatory laptop - also running G-9 - and it wouldn't show there either (after dlwonloading etc), *but* I also had a look on my weather satellite laptop (dedicated to continuous weather images from geostationary satellites) which is running G-8 and shows the comet correctly - so I am not mad!

I confirmed that my main laptop had comets set to faint mags, just in case. Can't think of any other test now given that it is present in the soft2 file.

I found that it is listed on heavens-above, though I prefer an in-house display from the software. FWIW, I looked on my other planetarium program (shhhhh) and there it was......