Re: [guide-user] Missing comet

Ben Hudgens Jul 15, 2014


I see both comet and asteroid displayed in the same place using the current version of Guide 9.0
C/2013  UQ4 is in the comet is in the 'soft02cm.txt' file.
2013 UQ4 is listed in the mpcorb.dat file.

Ben Hudgens

On 7/15/2014 8:40 AM, 'P. Clay Sherrod' drclay@... [guide-user] wrote:

Do you have the GO TO tab active?
When you click on GO TO COMET does the list come up?  You should be able to find the comet on that list.
Now, that being said, there may be some conflict if you also have this object entered into the Guide database as a minor planet, which it was for many months before the comet designation.
Go to the edit feature and remove 2013 UQ4 as an asteroid.