RE: Missing comet

Blair, Grant Jul 15, 2014

I’m not sure what to suggest that hasn’t already been suggested. I can get to this object in at least two ways….



Goto….Comet….. and click on it from the list in the window which comes up




Goto…Asteroid…. And type “C/2013 UQ4” (without the quotes) into the input box which comes up



I’m running the latest Guide 9, 17 June 2013 version.


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Hi all


Yes, I did everything Bill (previously). I noted the reference to soft16Cmt.txt and that is sitting in the Guide folder. (The comet list was to mag 17). No sign of it being recognised. Currently running Guide-8 as Guide-9 26 Feb 2013 version. Goto shows 'not a valid object'.


Still something I haven't checked.....?