Re: [guide-user] Re: Like putting the notes of our observations on objects guide 9.0

Joaquin Jul 4, 2014

Hi there;

As much as I searched the file ngc.not have not encontado in Guide 9.0
Any suggestions of where you can find this file ngc.not

Thank you;


El 04/07/2014 14:03, sirbagalot212-uncertainty@... [guide-user] escribió:


I have found that you can enter observations of NGC or IC objects by editing the appropriate .not file.

For example, to enter an observation of NGC 1234, open C:\Guide\ngc.not in a text editor such as MS Notepad.

Look through the file for ~1234. If it's not there, add it at the right point (the objects are listed in numerical order). To make a new heading, use the '^' symbol.
For example ^Observations^

Then enter your observation as plain text and save the file.

When you next look at the object in Guide and double click for 'More Info', your observation will appear along with all the other information.

Hope this helps,


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