Jari's Jupiter mutual event table

Bill Gray Jun 19, 2014

Hi Jari, all,

A late reply to this:

Jari, thanks for providing this. It looks quite good. I've taken the
liberty of creating a version with two small changes in it, available at


The first "small change" was the addition of column headers for date,
object 1, object 2, magnitude drop, etc. Click on these to sort by the
data in question. Quite useful if you're wondering which events result in
the largest magnitude drop, etc.

The second was to set things up so that when you click on "View", you
set the time/date to the _middle_ of the event, instead of the start of it.
I got a little confused at first by the fact that you could select an event
with a dramatic magnitude change, but not see any obvious difference in the
target satellite. With this change, if you click on (for example) the
third event, you'll see Ganymede with a big chunk of it shadowed by Callisto.