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Blair, Grant Jun 19, 2014

There is definitely a way to do this – I used to do it for my guide camera at the same time as my imaging camera.

Do I remember how to do it? Sorry, I do not. Hopefully somebody else does.

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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 12:17 PM
Subject: [guide-user] CCD Field



Hello Users :)


I have a question:


Iám working with two camears on two diffrent teleskopes.


first Scope Newton 1186mm with Canon Eos 6D Fullframe


second Scope C11 HyperStar with Moravian G2-8300 CCD


I have put the two cameras into the Guide CCDs.nad :


Canon Eos 6D                Cmos        6.58    6.58  5472  3648  1 

G2-8300                          Kaf8300     5.4      5.4   3362  2504    3 


works fine, if i want to show one camera.


But i want too see the two CCD Fields at overlay into Guide, because i work with the two telecopes at ones.


Is there a way to do this ?





Oliver Schneider