Adding Asteroid Orbital Elements Manual Dialog

steepit Jun 7, 2014

I tried entering the orbital elements for 2014 HQ124 using the manual dialog.  Guide 9.0 took them but would not display the asteroid.  I got the "Not an Asteroid" dialog box when I tried to call it up.  I looked at where the data went and it is in the usrcomet.txt file.  Guide recognizes it as neither an asteroid nor a comet.  I am running the 17 June 2013 version of Guide 9.0 on a Windows 7 computer.

Normally, I extract asteroid data from the Guide files at the IAU Minor Planet Center but 2014 HQ124 has not made it into any of their Guide data sets yet.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA