Re: How to get GSC numbers in GUide 9

Blair, Grant May 12, 2014

Hello Josch,


Under the Display… Star Display menu, do you have “GSC numbers on”?


While you may not see a phrase such as “GSC 5030 46” appear when you right-click on a star, you may see a phrase like “TYC 5030 46”. I believe the Tycho catalog uses the same numbers as the GSC.


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Subject: [guide-user] Re: How to get GSC numbers in GUide 9



Hi Bill,

after having downloaded and installed the test version of G9 and toggled the UCAC4 catalog which I have on my hard drive, another time hitting Alt J and inputting 12 does not bring me back to GSC numbers.
I still see the UCAC4/2MASS indentifiers of the stars. Sometimes if I do "next" in the popup window I get also other identifiers but not GSC numbers.
Maybe I could input the UCAC4 numbers Guide 9 tells me into VIZIER to find info in other catalogues, but going back to GSC would be still desirable in my case.

Thankls for the help.