Re: [guide-user] Transfering Quasar database to hard drive

Woodchuk Apr 28, 2014

I tested several and as long as you type in the exact same name as the QSO in the
file it will come up --as in < Q 0957+561B > for the second of the paired Quasars.
Of coarse the problem is not everyone uses the same designations for astronomical

But in the case of 3C 273.0 if you type in 3c 273 it will go to it.

I solve this by putting any object that isn't easily IDed I put them in the
---->User Object Menu -- in the Overlay menu.

Larry Wood

On 27/04/2014 12:35 PM, tom wrote:
> How does one bring up a quasar in Guide....say, 3C405. I tried entering
> it under TDF objects/Quasars with no luck.
> Tom
> On 4/27/2014 2:21 PM, P. Clay Sherrod wrote:
>> Glad you got it working, Pete.
>> Yep, the MPECsort program is the cat's meow and such a snap to use and
>> customize to every observer's location and observing windows, limiting
>> magnitudes, types of objects, etc....even comets.
>> The Minor Planet Center updates a special database every morning at the
>> same time the Daily Orbital Update is issued that will automatically
>> update all of the new objects and changes in orbital parameters on a
>> daily basis.
>> No fuss, not hassle, just instant information....and its FREE!
>> Clay
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>> Copying QUASARS from disk 1 of the Guide 8 CD into the Guide 9 hard
>> drive file did the trick Clay. A friend has recently imaged QSO 957
>> and I don't think I'd ever seen gravitational lensing before. Wanted
>> to try this one out for myself.
>> I've been using your lovely MPEC sort program for several weeks now
>> and it's really slick how it automatically puts the most current
>> circular objects into Guide as the MPCORB.dat file Previously I'd
>> simply been downloading NEAm00.txt, renaming it as MPCORB.dat, and
>> thinking that I was using MPC's critical object list. I'm so close
>> to Boston that it's amazing I can remain so ignorant on this stuff.
>> Pete Peterson I15