Re: [guide-user] Transfering Quasar database to hard drive

tom Apr 27, 2014

How does one bring up a quasar in Guide....say, 3C405. I tried entering
it under TDF objects/Quasars with no luck.


On 4/27/2014 2:21 PM, P. Clay Sherrod wrote:
> Glad you got it working, Pete.
> Yep, the MPECsort program is the cat's meow and such a snap to use and
> customize to every observer's location and observing windows, limiting
> magnitudes, types of objects, etc....even comets.
> The Minor Planet Center updates a special database every morning at the
> same time the Daily Orbital Update is issued that will automatically
> update all of the new objects and changes in orbital parameters on a
> daily basis.
> No fuss, not hassle, just instant information....and its FREE!
> Clay
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> Copying QUASARS from disk 1 of the Guide 8 CD into the Guide 9 hard
> drive file did the trick Clay. A friend has recently imaged QSO 957
> and I don't think I'd ever seen gravitational lensing before. Wanted
> to try this one out for myself.
> I've been using your lovely MPEC sort program for several weeks now
> and it's really slick how it automatically puts the most current
> circular objects into Guide as the MPCORB.dat file Previously I'd
> simply been downloading NEAm00.txt, renaming it as MPCORB.dat, and
> thinking that I was using MPC's critical object list. I'm so close
> to Boston that it's amazing I can remain so ignorant on this stuff.
> Pete Peterson I15