Re: [guide-user] Transfering Quasar database to hard drive

barringtonri Apr 27, 2014

Copying QUASARS from disk 1 of the Guide 8 CD into the Guide 9 hard drive file did the trick Clay.  A friend has recently imaged QSO 957 and I don't think I'd ever seen gravitational lensing before.  Wanted to try this one out for myself.

I've been using your lovely MPEC sort program for several weeks now and it's really slick how it automatically puts the most current circular objects into Guide as the MPCORB.dat file  Previously I'd simply been downloading NEAm00.txt, renaming it as MPCORB.dat, and thinking that I was using MPC's critical object list.  I'm so close to Boston that it's amazing I can remain so ignorant on this stuff.

Pete Peterson  I15