Re: [guide-user] "In testing" update posted

Roger Pickard Apr 20, 2014

Thanks Bill, been waiting for the "Goto UCAC4" option for a while and
it's excellent.

Also, the "Goto tdf" is useful.


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> Hi folks,
> There were a few questions a while back about toggling UCAC-4
> stars and 'going to' them (i.e., the ability to enter something
> like '4U314-15926' into Guide, and having it find that star.)
> At the time, I thought I'd be able to post a fix quickly. It
> turned out to take a bit longer than that, but I now have something
> you may want to try out :
> The only documented improvement is the ability to find UCAC4
> stars. Essentially, if you have UCAC-4 set up so that Guide can
> display it, you can use Go To... Object Name, and enter a
> designation
> such as 4UC314-15926 or 4U314-15926, and Guide will find the
> correct
> star.
> There's another feature I've not gotten around to documenting yet,
> because I'm not entirely happy with it. You'll see why when I try
> to
> describe it. Any feature that's this tough to describe probably has
> something wrong with it. Here goes :
> If you go into Settings... Toolbar, you'll see a new option to
> 'Go to .TDF obj, prev selection' about a third of the way down the
> list.
> About 80% of the way down the list are two new options: 'Toggle
> prev user dataset' and 'Control prev user dataset'. As with any
> other
> function, you can toggle these on, and/or assign hotkeys to them.
> The idea is this. Suppose you have just used Extras... Toggle
> User
> Datasets, and turned on WDS stars. Or you've used Go To... Go To
> .TDF Object to locate a particular double star. Or suppose you have
> right-clicked on a WDS star. Any of those actions would "select" a
> particular user-added dataset, in this case the Washington Double
> Star
> one.
> Once you've done that, you can use 'Toggle prev user dataset' to
> turn WDS stars on or off. If you want more control (over things
> such as
> color, limiting magnitude, labelling, etc.), you would use
> 'Control
> prev user dataset'. If you wanted to locate a particular WDS star,
> you
> would use 'Go To .TDF object, previous selection'.
> I added these because people sometimes find themselves working
> extensively
> with a particular user-added dataset. At present, if you wanted to
> toggle
> (say) UCAC-4 on or off, you'd have a lot of mouse clicks ahead of
> you:
> Extras... Toggle User Datasets... Adjust Dataset... turn it on or
> off...
> OK... Done. This does let you use just one mouse click on a toolbar
> button,
> or one hotkey.
> -- Bill
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