Re: [guide-user] Guide having difficulty creating animation trails on Asus eee machine

Ted Blank Apr 18, 2014

I have right-clicked on the star (to select it), then attempted the animation.

Step size is -5 minutes
Round to nearest step and  index marks are both checked
Index freq is 2
Time labels are on
Time label freq is 5
Number of steps 400
color is red.  (background is black)

I had one successful animation trail created, after that nothing successful.  That's what seemed so strange.


On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 6:49 PM, P. Clay Sherrod <drclay@...> wrote:

What intervals (in minute tick-marks) do you have set?  Is your scale large enough that you can see the trail with the increments that you have designated?  In many cases, you MUST right click on your target prior to issuing a command (via the animation tab at the top of the screen, not Alt-J) in order for Guide to recognize the requested target animation.
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Subject: [guide-user] Guide having difficulty creating animation trails on Asus eee machine

I have a small (1 GB ram) Asus eee mini-laptop with Windows7 Starter.  I installed Guide 8 and Guild 9 (own them both) on the machine.

Guide8 never was able to create an animation trail.  (I did the alt-J 1 step on both).

Guide9 created one animation trail successfully, but since then has not been able to.

The menu appears, I enter all the data, say 'OK', Guide processes for a moment, then stops, and no animation trail appears. 

I have tried many combinations of screen color and trail color, still nothing.

Is it possible that there is just not enough memory on this tiny machine to support making the trails?