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stripe1966 Apr 10, 2014

I think Guide 9 is incredible! It's not meant to be pretty, it's meant to be a functional tool.

I've used Guide since 1997 and love it! I use it out in the field everytime I observe. I think it does exactly what it needs to do, and it does it well!


...just my opinion.


Dark skies to you!

Scott Kranz

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Rather I would expect for the guide9.0 change his face and changed their appearance in the form of letters to represent finesse but currently does offer a new look with a more regular sky like other programs, such Stellarium, etc etc that almost ll offer more realistic views than featuring guide9.0
I think that's what he needs to to be the best guide9.0 informatic planetarium in all aspects.


Yo me esperaria mas bien para que el guide9.0 cambiara su cara y su aspecto cambiara en la forma de representar las cartas con la finura que lo hace actualmente pero que ofreciera un nuevo aspecto con un cielo mas normal como lo hacen otros programas, ejemplo stelarium,  etc etc que ya casi odos ofrecen vistas mas realistas que las que ofrece el guide9.0
Yo creo que es lo que le hace falta al guide9.0 para ser el mejor planetario informatico en todos los aspectos.
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Is there a Guide 10.0 planned?