Re: [guide-user] Problems for control Ez-EQ6 with Guide 9

adomacoher Apr 7, 2014

Hi Bill, thanks for your response. 
I think it's not a port problem but drivers. 
What I do (step by step) is:
Settings ... Scope Control... COM4 (this is the port I use) - Nexstar - Enc: 2000x2000 ... OK (and the scope control windows close with any message)
Then I go to the ... Scope pad ... Slew guide ... And Guide return this message: "Unknown detected ..." or "Could`t open com port"
If I chage the protocol to LX-200 (Skycomander or other) the error message is different: "Position unread".
But in choosing the "ASCOM" option Guide9 gave me a message telling me I should download a driver 64 kbytes. Once installed, I selected the driver of celestrom ascom and chose the Nexstar 5i, and now Guide recognizes the telescope without problem. 
That is, if I use the ASCOM driver for Nexstar 5i Celestrom Guide9 recognize my mount, but if I select in the Nexstar Guide9 protocol does not work. So using ASCOM I could make control panels Guide but there is no way to do it directly via Nexstar, which I think would be much better. 
You know what may be happening and how I could fix it? Is equal control frame via Ascom?