Re: [guide-user] Guide Ascom LAN

Albert van Duin Apr 6, 2014

Sure, that is possible,
I've got that working here using this ASCOM driver:
There is also an ASCOM driver from 10Micron, but I am using the alternative one, you can install them both and try it out.
Choose ASCOM instead of a COM port in Guide9 and you can choose the ASCOM driver you want to use.
Albert van Duin

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 4:42 PM, <gorlin@...> wrote:

Hi, have a 10micron GM2000HPS mount drive it from The Sky 6 via LAN and ascom, use protocol  emul.LXD 200n and works fine.

But i want to use the Guide 9 ver but cant get any Contact, dont know what the problem is and what protocoll will i use?

Isi a special Ascom for it or?