Re: [guide-user] Problems for control Ez-EQ6 with Guide 9

Bill Gray Apr 4, 2014

Hi Augustine,

On 03/31/2014 07:49 PM, adomacoher@... wrote:
> I can not get Guide9 controls an Az-Eq6Gt of SkyWachter I have
> connected to the PC through the SynScan controller. This mount
> is compatible with Celestron Nexstar 5i/8i protocol. In the
> settings menu choose telescope "Nexstar" but not the Guide.

Hmmm... does Guide give any error message(s)? Such as
"Unable to access serial port", or "No data read from port",
or "Telescope type not determined"?

When you select 'Nexstar' and click OK, Guide will check the
telescope and try to figure out what sort of Nexstar it is (GT,
GT "Classic", GPS, etc.) In this case, you should get a message
saying that Guide has figured out that the scope uses the NexStar
5i/8i protocol.

Probably the most common problem is specifying an incorrect
COM port. You sometimes have to try several ports before finding
the one that is connected to the telescope.

-- Bill