Re: [guide-user] Can't display trails in Guide 9

Stephen Tonkin Mar 24, 2014

I've had that as well: trails just suddenly disappeared. For me, the solution was Overlays
> Toggle overlay on/off > tracks.uov > on > OK
(17 Jun, 2013 version, running under Ubuntu Linux).

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 25/03/14 01:06, Bill Gray wrote:

Hi Detlef,

Try clicking on Overlays... Overlays On/Off, then Planet Trails from
Animation, then OK.

As Larry mentions, the color may be a problem. (And you may want to
click on "Styles" to get a dashed or dotted or solid or other line style.)
But I'll bet the problem is in the 'Show at' section. If this reads (for
example) 0-10, and you're looking at a 20-degree field of view, you'll
have to zoom in a bit before the trail appears.

Hope you got the occultation!

-- Bill

On 03/24/2014 06:21 PM, dkoschny@... wrote:
> Hi, for some reason I cannot 'add a trail' to an asteroid in Guide 9. I
> still have Guide 8 on some old computer and tried there for asteroid
> 505 (which will occult a star in an hour from my place ;-). Works fine
> in 8, but nothing shows in 9. Any idea? Do I need to toggle some user
> datasets? Yes I did mark the asteroid by right-clicking on it before
> calling the 'add a trail' menu. I guess I miss something stupid...
> tx dvk