RE: [guide-user] Guide suddenly demanding CD at startup

Blair, Grant Mar 4, 2014

Thanks, Bill. Already tried that one (since it was easy to do from my obsy).


Didn’t make a difference.


I do have a backup of the Guide directory tree (which I store elsewhere), so I’ll take that down to the observatory tomorrow and try comparing the files.


Your scenario does sound likely, though – I do recall the computer crashing during a recent session and it’s possible I have not tried to start Guide again since that time.




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Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 8:27 PM
Subject: Re: [guide-user] Guide suddenly demanding CD at startup



Hi Grant,

There is no date threshhold involved.

I've heard of this bug from time to time. I have never really been completely
sure of this, but I _think_ it was related to a bug, since fixed, involving
Guide running when the computer was shut down; for some reason, Guide didn't
get enough time to write out all the files it normally should.

I would suggest you get the current update from

and install that. If I'm right, the bug fix in question will cause Guide
to behave itself correctly. If not, it will at least replace a fair number of
files with "correct" versions; if one of those was a corrupted file, then
installing the update will fix that problem.

-- Bill

On 03/04/2014 07:06 PM, g.blair@... wrote:
> Guide suddenly demanding CD at startup
> All of a sudden, just as I'm out here in my freezing observatory and trying to fire up Guide9, a message appears when I double-click the regular shortcut. It is suddenly refusing to start without a CD. I have not used this installation with a CD in a considerable amount of time.
> Is there some date threshold triggering this? And how do I get around it, with my CD being nowhere convenient around here? Is there a file I can edit manually to get Guide to start? I believe I'm using a very recent version...
> Cheers,
> Grant