Re: [guide-user] How to get through the position guide9 GAIA.

Bill Gray Feb 25, 2014

On 02/21/2014 12:48 PM, pastorgalactico@... wrote:
> Hello;
> I would like to know how to know the esacta GUIDE 9.0 Position of the European scientific satellite called GAIA.
> What is satellite package could download?

You can get Guide to show Gaia by downloading this file :

and extracting the files into your Guide folder. This will replace the file
'probes.dat' and provide a new 'gaia.ele' file.

When you run Guide, you can then use Go To... Object Name, and enter "Gaia".
You may have to turn satellites On (in the Display... Data Shown dialog) in order
to get the little triangle marking the satellite's position.

This may be of interest :

Seems Gaia will be doing some maneuvers over the next few days, making it
brighten by up to five magnitudes; the Gaia folks would appreciate some
photometry over that time. It's unclear to me, but it _sounds_ as if Gaia
will brighten for a while, and then the process will be reversed and it'll
go back to mag 20 or so.

Some previous observations and other info are at

-- Bill