Can't See Telescope Indicator

Anthony J. Kroes Jan 25, 2014



I know Guide can control telescopes, and in the past I have controlled my old LX200 quite successfully.  I now have a small Nexstar mount (CG5) and I am still able to control the mount, but on the Guide screen I never see the red circle that I am used to seeing when the scope is connected that show where the scope is pointing.  I can ‘slew to guide’ or ‘slew to scope’ and use the direction keys from the graphical telescope control in Guide with no problems, but I have no indicator to see exactly where the scope is pointing.


I looked through the ‘display’ menus, and see no place to turn that off or on. I have also tried the screen at various zoom levels, as well as in normal mode and chart mode to see if it was a color issue (all of my galaxies once disappeared when I changed their color to black to make them show in chart mode for a print, then I changed back to ‘normal’ without reverting the color!)


Any ideas?

I am using Guide 9, build 6/17/2013




Anthony J. Kroes

Quantum Skies Observatory

Pulaski, WI