Re: [guide-user] XZ and ZC star catalogues

Keith Pascall Jan 18, 2014

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. Just had a quick look and downloaded your file and I think it will do what I was looking for.

I did look at that list but unfortunately missed picking up your item. I blame it on old age!

Will try adding it to the Guide later on when I have finished rubbing down some plaster - messy job.



On 18/01/2014 15:19, Steve Messner wrote:
Hi Keith,
    There are instructions for loading in the XZ catalog. 
Another way is to download the files from my site and add the to your Guide folder. (See below for instructions)
I think that the XZ catalog has been updated a bit, mostly adding new doubles and taking away suspected doubles but this will give you the ability to go-to XZ stars. Sorry, can't help with the ZC stars at the moment but will look around a bit more, maybe someone else can help with that? Hope this helps you and welcome to the world of occultations! Steve Messner

These are earlier posts to the IOTA group
Downloaded, unzipped into the Guide8 directory, restarted Guide - works like a charm!

Do the second step (Extras, double click on XZ80q and select "on" for labels) too, so you'll see the XZ name in the info box as well as next to the star.  

Thanks, Steve.

Ted B.

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 2:37 PM, Steve Messner <smessner@...> wrote:
For anyone interested in Guide showing and searching for XZ stars
in Guide, I've put the files here to download. Put them in
your Guide directory, not sure but you may need to restart Guide if it's
open then you will be able to. "Go To - .TDF object - XZ80Q Zodiacal
Catalog - OK - enter XZ star #. Also under "Extras - double click on
XZ80Q Zodiacal Catalog - select whether or not to show the label and
what color.
The main file is 42mb so beware, I also put up all the files in a zip
file of it if you would rather download a smaller file (8.4mb). If there
are any problems let me know ASAP! Steve

On 1/18/2014 7:10 AM, Keith Pascall wrote:

Is it possible to manually add XZ and ZC star catalogues to Guide 9?

I observe occultations occasionally (visually only) and in the programs I use to predict them these are the catalogues they mainly use. It would be nice to be able to goto the the star directly in the Guide without looking for a cross reference to another catalogue.

I have had a look on the website and done a search online but nothing helpful has shown up.



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