Re: its a non-starter (again)

Lawrence Jan 11, 2014

Again problems with replying via Yahoo (no reply option!)

I emailed you separately the startup.mar file.

Then I copied the contents of your online update8.htm files but that did
not work.

Then I copied the contents of my 'main' computer Guide files (as
suggested) into the 'observatory' laptop. That worked! :-)
Most curiously, clicking on the new Guide8.exe file launched Guide-9!

I shall run this normally now for a few sessions before doing the next
stage. The problem happened on my first opportunity for a run in some
weeks following many storms during which time my observatory has been
unusable due to my having placed a series of ropes over the dome to
prevent it blowing off or worse.

To aid my sky navigation I had to use xxxxx instead!



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