OT: CCD-Guide 2014

Bernhard Hubl Jan 6, 2014

Hello group,

We have just released our new version of CCD-Guide.

Every year the CCD-Guide team publishes a new DVD, which assists
astrophotographers in planning their imaging projects. Besides a
huge number of reference images CCD-Guide contains a software to
find images, to view images and to obtain all necessary data. The
newest release contains more than 3800 images of 42 Austrian and
German astrophotographers.

Last year we have invested many working hours in the improvement
of our software. The Planner was completely reworked and is now
very easy to use.

Please find details and the possibility to order the CCD-Guide 2014
DVD here:

And here you can have a look into the manual:

The direct interaction with Guide 8/9 is a very nice feature. After having found an object in CCD-Guide, you can move to Guide with the
object positioned in the centre with one mouse click.

I have been the project manager of this project of Astronomischer
Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut (www.astronomie.at) since year 2010.
The team members do not earn money with this project. All revenues
are used to meet our expenses and to support future projects of our
astronomy club.

Have fun with CCD-Guide 2014!