Re: [guide-user] Again ucac4-Catalog

Denis Dec 9, 2013


the following procedure works best for me.

1. open guide.dat file
2. delete line - UCAC4_PATH = c: \ program files (x86) \ guide9 \ ucac4
3. make sure you have NO empty line(s) after deleting the above.
4. save the guide.dat file
5. run Guide
6. press keys "Alt + j" to open dialog box
7. delete all characters in the box
8. copy line - UCAC4_PATH=c:\Program Files (x86)\guide9\ucac4
9. paste line in the box and press Ok
10 zoom in to a field of 15 arcmin on M-13
11. right click on faint stars until you get a ucac4 type
12. set "auto" to "on" and display "show at" to "0" to "1.5"
13. press "Ok"

Your ucac4 stars should now display whenever your field is smaller than
1.5 degrees.

Whenever I put the above line directly in guide.dat, it did not display
the stars. Using the dialog("Alt+j") always works.

Hope it helps.


On 08/12/2013 9:36 AM, boehme_rpl@... wrote:
> Perhaps there is someone in this forum who can help me:
> It is possible just do not integrate the UCAC4 catalog in GUIDE9 me. I
> have brought here from the guide-user forum to me the relevant
> information about it. For me, the path is in the guide.dat:
> UCAC4_PATH = c: \ program files (x86) \ guide9 \ ucac4
> DLG_3025 = UCAC4_PATH = c: \ program files (x86) \ guide9 \ ucac4
> In UCAC4 directory are:
> id-tyc.bin, index5.bin, indext.bin, z001.bin to z900.bin and the folder u4i
> Already have a wide variety of places tried C: \ ... etc Also under
> Extras>User datasets UCAC4 is activated. In Vista this did not succeed
> and now in Win8 also not.
> For helpful hints I would be very grateful!
> Greetings Klaus