Again ucac4-Catalog

schlendriana Dec 8, 2013

Perhaps there is someone in this forum who can help me:
It is possible just do not integrate the UCAC4 catalog in GUIDE9 me. I have brought here from the guide-user forum to me the relevant information about it. For me, the path is in the guide.dat:

UCAC4_PATH = c: \ program files (x86) \ guide9 \ ucac4
DLG_3025 = UCAC4_PATH = c: \ program files (x86) \ guide9 \ ucac4

In UCAC4 directory are:
id-tyc.bin, index5.bin, indext.bin, z001.bin to z900.bin and the folder u4i
Already have a wide variety of places tried C: \ ... etc Also under Extras>User datasets UCAC4 is activated. In Vista this did not succeed and now in Win8 also not.
For helpful hints I would be very grateful!

Greetings Klaus