DSO magnitude info differences

Ben Hudgens Dec 3, 2013


I asked this question last year but never saw an answer. Since then,
I've tried to search archive messages in the 'new' Yahoo, but am finding
that is next to impossible.

So, here is my question again. Why the difference in the stated
magnitude shown as it does not match any of the sources listed in the
'more info' window? Also what is the source of this mag. info shown
when you right click on the galaxy?

Taking a random selection of galaxies, when I right click on a galaxy,
the stated magnitude shown is usually much different than the info shown
in the 'more info' window.


NGC 7066
right click for 'quick info' displays 14.2 mag
click on 'more info' shows the following from different sources
NGC-IC project 15.0
PGC blue mag 15.2
RC3 photo mag 14.8
UGC 15.2
MGC 15.2

right click for 'quick info' displays 13.4 mag
more info window shows
NGC-IC project 14.1
PGC B mag 14.3
RC3 B mag 14.4
MGC 13.5

Ben Hudgens