Re: [guide-user] Problem: OΣΣ doubles

Bill Gray Dec 1, 2013

Hi Stephen,

The plot does indeed thicken.

The objects at which you are looking are Otto Struve _appendix_ stars.
You should be able to find them as STTA 123 or STTA 178. Except you
can't; Guide doesn't know about these appendices. (Sorting the
current WDS file reveals a whole slew of them.)

I was eventually able to locate STTA 123 by using the current WDS
file, which I recommend you do in any case; WDS has been updated
a _lot_ over the years :

You can then run Guide and use Go To... Go To .TDF object, and
select 'WDS (current)' in the resulting dialog, and then enter
STTA123AB, and get the correct object. Should get things going
while I figure out a better solution... which is partly in place;
once you've installed the current WDS, Guide will use it in the
Go To... Object Name and Go To... Star... Double Star functions,
so I should only have to revise it to recognize that some catalogs
have four-character prefixes rather than three-character prefixes.

-- Bill