Re: [guide-user] Problem: OΣΣ doubles

Stephen Tonkin Dec 1, 2013

Hi Bill,

The thick plottens!

. If you turn on the WDS in Extras... Toggle User
That was a trial and a half! I eventually realised that I needed to change the name of wdsnewno.dat to wdscat.dat before it would show up in the User Datasets.

how does WDS and Guide label them?

For OΣΣ 123:

WDS does not label the star (or any other star, for that matter!)
Guide labels it as (SAO) "16078".
Under "More info" the WDS entry is:


Comments from the current WDS catalog:
WDS 13271+6444
Discoverer's ID: STT A123AB
Magnitudes 6.65 and  7.03
Separation: 69.0 arcseconds in 1876
Separation: 68.9 arcseconds in 2000
Position angle: 147 degrees in 1876
Position angle: 147 degrees in 2000
   23 measurements made
Proper motion in RA: -071 milliarcseconds/year
Proper motion in dec: +036 milliarcseconds/year
Spectral Type: F0


If I do Ctrl-B and enter "STT A123AB" I get "Not a valid object"
If I do Go to > Star > Double star, scroll down to STT Struve, Otto and enter "A123AB", nothing happens

For OΣΣ 178:

No WDS label; Guide labels it as (SAO) "104655"
Under "More info" the WDS entry refers to it as STT A178
Same output as for OΣΣ 123 wrt Ctrl-B and Go to > Star > Double star

Where to now?

Thanks for update on GRS and Jupiter satellite events.

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 30/11/13 18:13, Bill Gray wrote:

Hi Stephen,

Hmmm... just gave it a try, and yes, if I hit Ctrl-B ("enter
object name") and enter STT 123 or STT 178, Guide centers on stars
in Orion or Camelopardalis. Same thing if I go through the menus
("Go To... Star... Double Star", scroll down to "STT Struve, Otto",
and enter 123 or 178).

However, that's where the Washington Double Star catalog places
those doubles. If you turn on the WDS in Extras... Toggle User
Datasets, you'll see them marked on the chart and can click on them
for 'more info'.

I'm wondering if this is a designation issue. My first thought
was that maybe you were looking for STF (F. G. W. Struve) 123 and 178,
but those aren't in Draco or Aquila either.

If you turn on WDS and then center on the stars you expected to
see in Draco or Aquila, how does WDS and Guide label them?

(Incidentally, I _am_ going to get back to you on the issue of
having tables, such as the GRS and Jupiter events, filter out
unobservable events! I'd thought that I would be able to do a
little work and then reply, "Click here for the update". It's
proven to be slightly more complicated than that...)

-- Bill

On 11/28/2013 07:34 AM, Stephen Tonkin wrote:
> I am having a problem with searching fro Otto Struve (OΣΣ) doubles.
> Guide (v9, 17 Jun 2013, running under WINE/Linux) consistently puts me
> in the wrong bit of sky. For example:
> OΣΣ 123 points to Ori (should be Dra)
> OΣΣ 178 points to Cam (should be Aql)
> ...and so on.
> Any ideas?