Re: [guide-user] Request: More flexibility with GRS and Jovian satellite tables

Stephen Tonkin Nov 21, 2013

Hi Bill,

Just curious: any progress?

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 07/10/13 17:15, Bill Gray wrote:

Hi Stephen,

Hmmm... I have to admit that the ability to say, "Only show me things
above my horizon that happen at night" (i.e., "things I can actually see")
would apply not only to GRS transits and Jovian satellite events, but
might also be useful when you want to list currently visible comets or
asteroids, or lunar eclipses. And possibly even when you list Messier
objects, and in a few other places.

What jumps to mind, in terms of simplicity and making the availability
of the control obvious to the user, would be to have a line at the start
of the table: "Click here to suppress daytime and below-the horizon
events." Click on it, and the list gets a lot shorter and that text
becomes "Click here to display daytime and below-the-horizon events."

This might not be too difficult to do, and should be quite useful.
I'll see what I can figure out.

-- Bill

On 10/06/2013 09:27 AM, Stephen Tonkin wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> Is it possible to have a bit more flexibility with the table
> compilations for GRS transits and Jovian satellite events? I would
> greatly appreciate being able to:
> * Set maximum Sun altitude (as is currently possible with satellite
> passes table)
> * Set minimum Jupiter altitude (as is currently possible with satellite
> passes table)
> * Set which data are shown (as is currently possible with "Make Ephemeris")
> I use Guide to compile lists of these for our local astro society
> newsletter and I seem to spend a heck of a long time editing the lists
> produced by Guide in order to select only those events that are sensibly
> visible from our location, and I probably introduce some error by doing so.