Re: Guide substitute for Mac: Crossover/Wine

Bill Gray Nov 21, 2013

On 11/21/2013 08:42 AM, C L wrote:

> I've used Crossover, and in it's latest version (XIII) , Guide
> works just perfect with no performance or UI issues.

Haven't tried Crossover myself. I gather it has some tweaks
not just for OS/X, but just to get certain commonly-used Windows
apps (Office, Photoshop, etc.) to work properly. For Guide,
those tweaks shouldn't matter; you can run with "plain old Wine"
and it'll work without trouble.

But Crossover may get you an easier installation and may let
you run things aside from Wine. And since Crossover has given
generously to the Wine project, I won't argue against sending
some money their way.

> The only issue i still have is using UCAC4 as user dataset -
> it crashes, (seems to read the zXXX files but crashes when
> writing de temporary txt file).

Hmmm... hadn't heard of this one. It may not be Wine or
OS/X related; it sounds so specific that I'd think it could be
a bug in Guide or a defect in the UCAC4 files. You might try
zooming in on a totally different part of the sky, thereby
getting data from completely different UCAC4 files, to see if
this is an area-dependent issue.

-- Bill