RE: [guide-user] SAO question....

Anthony J. Kroes Nov 21, 2013

Goes to that star for me using Goto>Star>SAO>125560.  I am using the 17 June 2013 version update.


Are you entering just the number itself into the SAO goto box (i.e. “125560”, not “SAO125560”)?




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Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 11:56 AM
Subject: [guide-user] SAO question....




I am using Guide 9.0. If I try to use the GoTo menu and choose star/SAO,
and enter the SAO number, Guide returns NOT A VALID OBJECT. I can
manually go to SAO125560, for example, and right click, and Guide
identifies SAO125560 but if I enter that number into the search menu it
returns NOT A VALID OBJECT. Wonder what I might be doing wrong.