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Christian Ambros Nov 20, 2013

Hi Phil,

wine truely is an option, because Guide doesn't use .net parts. Bill is right about that not all windows proggies can be run with wine. If too much windows stuff like the microsoft own database system and .net-3.x was used instead of clean c++ code, running programs on wine will fail. Luckyly Guide is pur! I'm running Guide on Linux successful for the last 15 years with wine and for professional purposes, too. Because of wine is more an emulator than a virtual machine all those drawbacks don't bother. Sometimes, if I don't run anything else, which is rar, it's two times as fast as run on windows.

Kstars, Stellarium, XEphem, TheSky and even Skychart are not even close to accuracy or completness of catalogs, which you like to use. Kstars ist limited to Sky2000, Messier and NGC without IC and 16mag and you can't really add other catalogs because you have to transform the data in a special but mind-buggling form.
Stellarium let's you download some data, is nice as a computer planetarium for showing major movements but lacks of accuracy and catalogs, too.
XEphem sure tries to get the same accuracy but fails on asteroids and comets. Catalogs have to be processed for use and the gui is old openvms-style. TheSky doesn't even come close to be useable with wine and for professional purposes.
Skychart, wich has indeed a Mac-Version, suffers from being inaccurate and in some ways way to overloaded in its gui.
Since it doesn't make use of OpenGL directly scaling over serveral mags is a pain. But it get's huge amounts of data to download via inet. The downloadable catalogs are shortend which is the main drawback. You can't get the complete ucac4 catalog only the first 20000 to 100000 lines because they are temporally downloaded from the net.

For me there is no alternative to guide.


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On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:45 PM, Bill Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
Hi Phil,

Dunno much about what's available for astronomy software on the Mac. But
you might give a try to Wine:

This is the solution I (and many others) use for running Guide on Linux.
Wine has also been used for running Guide on OS/X, though not as much.

There's a bit of discussion of how to get Wine to run on OS/X here:

Apparently, it's not as simple as it is in Linux, but it doesn't
look too hard. Getting Guide to run once Wine is installed is, fortunately,
quite straightforward. This isn't true for all Windows software, but I've
put some effort into ensuring that Guide and Wine work well together.

-- Bill