Re: [guide-user] Guide substitue for Mac

H-G Lindberg Nov 20, 2013

You have the exellent software Skychart:
For Windows, Mac, Linux etc and its free.

joeblow0@... skrev 2013-11-20 19:33:
I've given up hope that there will someday be a Mac version of Guide.  For years I've been using VirtualPC-XP and the current version of Guide on my old Mac PowerBook.

I have recently bought a new MacBookPro with OS 10.9. which doesn't support VirtualPC.  I know, I can use Parallels, etc., but I'd like to see if I can  find something native to the Mac.   I'll certainly continue to use Guide on the Windows boxes in the observatory.

I'd like to know what experiences people have had with native Mac planetarium software.  I'm not interested in flashy displays and special effects.  I'm interested in information and large numbers of data bases, you know, a Guide for Mac. 

I'm somewhat familiar with TheSky6.  How about Stellarum, Celestia, SkySafari.  Is there anything even close to Guide in the Mac world?