RE: Re: [guide-user] comet Lovejoy

ldjhandm Nov 10, 2013

OK - the mystery is more or less solved (if not deepened)!  I just checked my observatory computer and comet Lovejoy is there without problems. Its on my  'indoors' laptop that it refuses to show.  FWIW I use the 'update comets' facility routinely and I checked the actual file: it shows Lovejoy - but the comet refuses to show on this laptop. However, its not a problem now that's its OK on the observatory laptop.


Thanks to all for guidance (pun!).



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Hi Folks,
download latest elements
Hit control K
find Lovejoy 2013 R1
then change absolute mag H to 7.5
and slope parameter g to 5
this is more representative of 2013 R1’s performance.
Michael Mattiazzo