Re: [guide-user] comet Lovejoy

Bill Gray Nov 9, 2013

Hi Lawrence,

As I recall, you're using the current Guide 9 software from

...true? With this, updating Guide's database basically means
it gets the latest MPC file (soft02cm.txt) and IMCCE/Rocher file
(eltdat_g.txt), and reads those. What you have in 'comets.dat'
or 'now_comt.dat' no longer matters; you could delete those files
and be perfectly okay.

Anyway. I'm also finding Lovejoy (C/2013 R1) to be around mag 8.9,
which is suspicious, especially since Clay e-mailed me recently
about C/2013 US10 not displaying. It turned out that it _was_
displayed, but at mag 22.6. It's several magnitudes brighter than
that. I'll investigate... dunno if MPC's comet magnitudes are weird,
or Guide is misinterpreting something (which would be very odd, since
I only learned of the problem recently).

-- Bill

On 11/09/2013 04:58 AM, Lawrence wrote:
> I updated Guide's comet database but there is no listing of comet
> Lovejoy, currently reported to be brightening around mag 6. Any help here?
> Lawrence Harris