Re: [guide-user] comet Lovejoy

Stephen Tonkin Nov 9, 2013

Same as Owen: it shows for me. However, Guide reports it as being mag +9.0, so if you have comet mag set for something brighter than that (Display -> Data shown...), it won't show on the chart, but should still. appear on the Go to -> Comets... list which, IIRC, has a default minimum brightness of mag +14.0 at level 1.

When you say you updated the database, what did you do? I find that it is best to download a new comets.dat file and copy it into the folder where Guide.exe resides.

Best &c,
Stephen Tonkin

On 09/11/13 09:58, Lawrence wrote:

I updated Guide's comet database but there is no listing of comet
Lovejoy, currently reported to be brightening around mag 6. Any help here?

Lawrence Harris

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