Re: [guide-user] Cannot edit comet data

Woodchuk Oct 19 12:26 AM


Bill changed the way Guide handles the comet files a bit. In Guide9 there are 4
different files for comet data. One file is for the long known historical data,
another is the *soft02cmt dot txt* file is the downloaded file that contains the
latest updates on older comets as well as the more recent additions. The third
*usrcomet dot txt* is the one you are talking about and it is strictly for the
observer to use to add new data for individual comets whose orbital elements are
from another source or to create a set of elements with an altered brightnes etc
for comets already listed.

The fourth file *comets dot dat* is a compilation of the more recent and a bit
older elements for comets that have a good likelyhood of being seen again in the
near future.
At the bottom of the two latter files is a bit of an explanation.
Bill may have a much better descriptions of these files.

Larry Wood

On 18/10/2013 10:00 PM, Ben Hudgens wrote:
> Using Guide 9, Jun 17 version. Long time user.
> Problem is that when you click Extras, Asteroid Comet Options, then
> choose 'edit comet/asteroid data'the edit box shows only two choices....
> New asteroid or New comet. None of the existing comets are listed.
> Not sure if this is something that has happened with the updates or with
> the original 9.0 ver as this is the first time I've tried to edit comet
> data. Anyone else see this problem?
> My older Guide 8 works as it should and list the comets that can be edited.
> Ben Hudgens
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