Toggle User Datasets Question

Mike Stewart Oct 9 5:41 PM

I have attempted without success to display the M31 globular clusters. From what I can gather, this should be rather straightforward operation: Extras > Toggle user datasets... > M31 Globular clusters > On.


However, once I select On (or Auto or Fixed) and click Adjust Dataset, nothing happens. My suspicion is that the M31 TDF file(s) installed improperly. Also notable is the fact that asterisks do not appear next to many of the listed datasets (M31 globulars, pulsars, quasars, etc.). I get similar results when activating these un-starred items.


Go To TDF function does not work, either.


(Lest one think me a complete neophyte, I did manage to download and display updated asteroids and comet data. :-) )


The 17 Jul 13 version of Guide 9.0 is installed. I have everything except a few language files installed to the hard drive. I _thought_ that these datasets were/would be installed into the proper folder when I loaded all to the hard drive. Is this not the case? Is another step required?


If it is pertinent, the OS is Windows 8.


I'm sure this is a simple fix, but my efforts to stumble across the right solution haven't been successful.


Many thanks in advance.



Kansas, USA