Re: [guide-user] Epoch

Jim Jones Sep 27, 2013


The only thing that checking the JNow or J2000 box in MaxIm does is to
tell MaxIm what you are going to use when you type in coordinates.
MaxIm sends coordinates to mounts in the format required by the mount.
Almost always JNow.

Most people keep the J2000 box checked since that if the format of
modern catalogs. If you change it to JNow you will have to make sure
you always convert to JNow coordinates when inputting to MaxIm.

Jim Jones

On 9/27/2013 1:18 AM, Stephen Tonkin wrote:
> You probably want Mean of Date (presumably the illegible one) :-)
> Best &c,
> Stephen Tonkin
> On 27/09/13 08:36, Albert van Duin wrote:
>> Hi Bill,
>> I have a question about coordinate systems in Guide9.
>> My mount is using Jnow natively, and so does CCD-Autopilot5. MaxImDL
>> can also be switched to Jnow.
>> I would like to use Guide9 in that mode too, because positions can be
>> off by a few arc minutes now.
>> In the Guide9 "settings-formats" menu I can choose between:
>> J2000
>> B1950
>> Mean of da... (last part illegible)
>> Apparent
>> Other___
>> Which one do I choose?
>> Thanks.
>> Best regards,
>> Albert van Duin